1. Emotional Intelligence: Mastering Emotions in the Workplace
2. Adults at Work: Managing Egos and Emotions in the Workplace
3. Deep Change: Five Keys to Transformation of Groups
4. Moving Beyond Blame: Choosing Results Over Drama at Work
How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist: Changing how you see, to find new opportunities and solutions
   with Joshua Diedrich
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How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist: Changing how you see, to find new opportunities and solutions

Date: January 18, 2017
Time: 8 a.m to 12:30 p.m.
Place: Large Private Dining Room at Brody, at Michigan State University.
Park across the street at the Kellogg Center.
Includes, breakfast, morning refreshments, lunch, and handouts.
Cost:  $129.00 per person  (Must pre-register)

In this workshop, Sculptor Joshua Diedrich and Facilitator William Diedrich take you through several exercises that will assist you to:
    • Instantly re-wire your thinking and help you see the world in a new way
    • Expand perception to enhance innovation, creativity, and potential breakthroughs in your work and in your life.
    • Learn and practice the skills of a master artist
    • Learn to recognize subtleties in people and situations that you may have missed in the past
    • See new possibilities for personal interactions, creativity, entrepreneurship, and self-awareness 

Innovation, creativity, and breakthroughs take place at the edge,  on the outer rings of your competencies and comfort zone, where perceptions and knowledge differ from your own. 
Explore the edge with us. Increase your capacity for innovation, creativity, and leadership.

Date: January 18, 2017
East Lansing:
To register:   

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Transformative Leadership Systems
622 Hillcrest Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823

"How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist is an innovative workshop that draws creativity out of artists and non-artists alike. Thought-provoking conversations and topics encourage exploration in communication methods that would apply to any situation.  Hidden, forgotten and learned self-artistry is discovered through original and creative methods of thinking.”
Lori Fischer, Events & Student Program Manager Spartan Innovations

“How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist”  was pleasantly not what I expected.  Josh took us on a journey by integrating our individual worlds (logic) into his world (creativity) which enabled us to tap into how we uniquely expressed creativity.  The session was woven with history, stories, studies and laughter.  I look forward to creating ways to incorporate more creativity into my practice.
Bernadette Johnson, Leadership Consultant & Author

I was fortunate to participate in “How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist” led by Josh Diedrich.  Josh is not only a master of art but also of using artistic concepts to help others change their view of and impact on the world.  His down-to-earth delivery style set a relaxed tone for exploring and learning.  I left with a fresh perspective on both art and life.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to learn to think differently.
Jodi Wehling, Managing Consultant | Owner, People Matters, LLC

I felt very fortunate to have attended “How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist”  Joshua Diedrich shared his wealth of experience as a master sculptor by translating from his world as an artist to the language of business via the concepts of psychology and philosophy of perception.  I was challenged to apply the topics and exercises to my own current issues and opportunities. The message was positive, universal and fun, always a great combination.
Rob Curtner, Meta-Learners

The workshop ““How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist” " facilitated by
William Diedrich and presented by Joshua Diedrich was one of the best experiential
workshops I’ve attended. Joshua got to the core of how perception plays a role in our
interpretation  and transfer of ideas. The outcome of the exercises and discussions expanded my
understanding of why we think and react differently even when we are in identical  environments.
Carol Grainger, CTA, Creative Learning Links, LL

In-house workshops:

All workshops are customized to your objectives and may be presented at conferences,  in-house for organizations, or as a workshop at churches. Prices are negotiable depending on venue and number of  participants. To contact William Frank Diedrich for more details, email at  or call at 517-388-3735.

Emotional Intelligence: Mastering Emotions in the Workplace

This workshop offers you awareness, strategies, and techniques based on research from the E.I. literature, Physiology, and many sources outside these fields. You will leave with new ideas about emotions, strategies for “surfing” emotions regardless of their intensity,  and knowledge of how to channel emotion toward your goals.
This will be a practical approach, not an academic one. It will be interactive rather than lecture-based.

Adults at Work: Mastering Egos and Emotions in the Workplace is an interactive, inspired, and practical workshop that will enhance your well-being and effectiveness at work (or in any other group you belong to.) Content and exercises offered in this workshop will increase your ability to:

• effectively handle negative behaviors and emotions
• transcend limiting beliefs
• decrease stress
• increase your positive  influence
• learn valuable and effective emotional intelligence techniques

Deep Change: How Individuals and Organizations Transform

This workshop is for anyone who needs to influence change or who is going through a change in an organization, large or small.
It is perfect for leadership teams.

-Learn how to navigate the territory of deep change.

-Answer the question that every leader asks: “How do I get people to change?”

-Avoid the typical change strategies that seldom work and learn what does work.


“Bill and Mike put on a wonderful seminar on Deep Change.  Anyone, from any level of an organization, can find a true understanding of the key stages and steps to handling deep change both in organizations and in everyday life.  As facilitators they take attendees on a journey of self-exploration, a better view of those around us, and the workshop has attendees work through problems the day of.  I recommend this seminar for individuals and teams!”  Nicole Murphy, HR Manager

"I found the interactive group sessions profoundly helpful.  Each of the individuals had a story that made mine seem not so large after all!   We were able to discuss their situations and how they were adapting.  It was very interesting to talk about everyone's story and fill out the sheets." Tom Russo, Manager, Electrical Engineering

Moving Beyond Blame: Choosing Results over Drama at Work           

What’s your drama quotient? That is, how much mental/emotional time do you spend in drama compared to time spent focusing on results? If you are a leader, what do your staff members focus on? Results or drama?

Moving Beyond Blame is a  workshop designed to help participants make the shift from blaming to building, and from drama to results. You will learn how help your group (workplace, department, team, congregation)  to make this shift.

Today, blaming has reached epic proportions. Our governments are paralyzed with it. This workshop shows the way up and out.

In this workshop you will learn:
•  The five payoffs/pitfalls of blaming and why they are attractive
•  How to break the addiction of blaming (a little brain chemistry)
•  How to leave the cycle of blame (changing what you don’t want)
•  How to shift focus from drama to results  (creating what you do want)
•  How to set a tone in any group that fosters responsibility
•  How to turn complaints into constructive action
and more

This workshop is based on the book—Beyond Blaming: Unleashing Power and Passion in People and Organizations and other sources. You may purchase  books along with the workshop at a discount rate and have them shipped direct to you prior to the workshop—free shipping. Or, you may contract the workshop by itself.

The Master Work Series: A groundbreaking approach to creative leadership

Connecting leaders with masters in new fields.

Innovation, creativity, and breakthroughs take place at the edges of fields, where differing areas of study intersect. What is the edge? The edge is any place on the outer rings of your competencies and comfort zone, where perceptions and knowledge differ from your own. Exploring the edge is a catalyst for the cross-pollination of ideas, skills, and techniques that shift awareness. At the edge, we can gain new perspectives on unsolved problems, impossible visions, undiscovered opportunities. We can look in directions it never occurred to us to look before.  

How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist: 

Changing how you see, to find new opportunities and solutions

Part One of our Master Work Series

In this workshop, sculptor Joshua Diedrich will take you through several exercises designed to instantly re-wire your thinking, and help you see the world in a new way. Whether you believe you have talent or creativity, whether you have any interest in art or not, learning to see the world like an artist opens up a door to new possibilities for personal interactions, creativity, entrepreneurship, self awareness, and perception. You will learn to understand and change your own basic perceptions of your world, as you learn and practice the skills and perspectives of a master artist. You will obtain a new clarity that will allow you to comprehend subtleties in people and situations you may have missed in the past. This expansion of perception is your key to innovation, creativity, and potential breakthroughs in your work and in your life.

For information on bringing this workshop to your organization or conference, contact us at or at 517-388-3735

The Artist

Joshua Diedrich is a classically-trained figure and portrait sculptor, trained at the University of Michigan and Atelier Vaugel in France. He was the sculpture department head at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts museum school for five years and has run a teaching studio since 2005 where he instructs apprentices. He has executed several large-scale public statues across the Great Lakes region in bronze and concrete, as well as many portraits in two and three dimensions. In 2015 Joshua designed and executed a 25 foot tall by 30 foot diameter bronze and granite fountain as a centerpiece for Western Michigan University's main campus.

The  Facilitator

William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, facilitator, executive coach, and the author of five published books. He has been teaching and facilitating workshops for 27 years. Bill has worked with boards of directors, senior leadership teams, individual managers and supervisors, scientists, engineers, employee teams and leaders in the fields of Education, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, Banking and Finance, Government, Law Enforcement,  Service Businesses, Insurance, and Ecclesial groups. His work has a major focus on leveraging "intentional leadership" and emotional intelligence to increase organization growth and productivity.

Video Link: Moving Beyond Blame: Choosing Results over Drama at Work
Video Number 1: Drama

Video Number Two:  Kick Your But's
Youtube link:  Youtube

Video # 3
Changing a Blaming Culture
 Youtube link:    Youtube

Workshop Leader

William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, executive coach, and the author of five books, including Adults at Work and Beyond Blaming. Bill has twenty years experience as a personal and executive coach (prior to that--experience as a therapist). For information on bringing this presentation to your organization or conference contact William Frank Diedrich at .


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