Beyond Blaming

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by William Frank Diedrich                                                                                Human Adulthood: A Spiritual Romance    (Fiction)        $16  USD     368 pages                                                      

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Kevin's life is turned upside down when his wife leaves him. He decides to create a new life and new career in the southwestern United States. Kevin's journey is a spiritual
 awakening.  He abandons "normal" and takes his own path--one that causes both hardship and rewards. He struggles through relationships and wrestles with the ups and downs of success. And then there is Rachel. She is definitely not normal, and that's one reason why Kevin loves her. At his lowest point, Kevin meets a wise teacher named Michael. He guides Kevin out of the depths of failure and despair. 

Kevin is a modern day Prodigal Son, and his brother,
Bryce is the "good" son who stays home. Kevin's search
offends Bryce's fundamentalist Christian point of view.
They clash often, and Kevin grows through the conflict.
Human Adulthood is about what it means to grow up
emotionally and spiritually. It's about navigating the often
confusing issues regarding sexuality and relationships, spirituality and religion, money and business, and family and friendship.

A new book by William Frank Diedrich
The Secret Life of an Ordinary Man $13 USD      192 pages
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Summary A successful executive holds a dark secret. A brave young girl demands to be heard. A kick-ass therapist insists on the truth. A woman must decide whether to keep her marriage. An FBI special agent seeks justice for perpetrators and freedom for slaves. A daughter must grow up. A CEO becomes much more than a boss. The Secret Life of an Ordinary Man is about the fastest growing crime in the United States, human trafficking. Once the crime is discovered, it's about what happens next. Jack Retter is an ordinary man who appears to be an extraordinary husband, father, and executive. He has everything under control--until he meets Alyssa.

Other Books By William Frank Diedrich

Adults at Work: How Individuals and Organizations Can Grow Up

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The Road Home: The Journey Beyond the Spiritual Quick Fix

"I loved this book's courageous honesty and shimmering passion!" Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook for Well-Being

Each of the thirty lessons is structured to assist you to internalize the information presented.
The lesson begins with information. A Review consisting of four or five questions follows.
The purpose of the review is to help you to study the information. It is not imperative that you
do the review questions, but could be very helpful. Following the Review is the Activity where
you process the information and create new information for yourself.  Each ends with a thought for the day.

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